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Promotions club VULKANCASINO24.NET

Super VIP Bonus
If the total size of your deposits in 7 days is 1 million or more, then your account will be credited with a bonus of the total size 150,000 rubles as cashback. That means you will receive a total of 15% cashback of the total deposits made during the week!

VIP Bonus
If the total size of your deposit for one day will be 70000 or more, then the next day you will be credited a bonus of 9000 rub. on your account. Not counting the bonus on every deposit, which ranges from 5% to 15% depending on the deposit. See below table bonuses!

Cashback on each deposit
Dear players, the bonus amount is from 5% - 15% of all your deposits, that is, each time you deposit to your account, you get + from 5% - 15% from the deposited amount as a bonus.

Сashback on next day
At the discretion of the administrations of the game club, 10% of the cashback from the deposit will be credited to your account    the next day. If the sum of all your payments, taking into account the amount on the account, does not exceed 70% of your deposits, then you will receive in the form of cashback 10% of yesterday's deposits.    Additional cashback can only be obtained with a deposit of 500 rubles or more.    For example: If you deposit to your account 5,000 rubles and you currently have 0 rubles in your account. then the next day the cashback you receive will be 500 rubles to your account. Cashback is not credited if at the time of crediting your current balance exceeds yesterday's deposits! In the event that your balance is less than yesterday's deposits, then a cashback of 10% of the deduction of your yesterday's deposits and the current balance is credited! For example: You deposit to your account 5.000r and the next day your balance is 1.000r. then you will get cashback in the amount of (5000-1000) * 10%, that is, 400 rubles. to your account.
Cashback table
200 r. - 2999 r.
3000 r. - 9999 r.
10000 r. - 29999 r.
30000 r. - 69999 r.
70000 r. & more

You can transfer the amount of bonuses for each deposit to your account only when your current balance is less than 1 rub. and there are no payments in processing!.                   The bonus amount is canceled when you win and order a payout!.
Bonuses received
  • img
    al****75 3959.00 RUB
  • img
    el****iq 9170.00 RUB
  • img
    ev****60 300.00 RUB
  • img
    fe****78 9371.00 RUB
  • img
    F_****65 6189.00 RUB
  • img
    Ge****e 2943.00 RUB
  • img
    G_****31 8468.00 RUB
  • img
    li****da 854.91 RUB
  • img
    mu****mu 9007.00 RUB
  • img
    M_****96 6386.00 RUB
  • img
    na****s5 8560.00 RUB
  • img
    O_****75 8661.00 RUB
  • img
    O_****83 327.59 RUB
  • img
    Pl****16 2378.44 RUB
  • img
    Se****sa 799.98 RUB
  • img
    Si****iy 199.74 RUB
  • img
    v2****45 499.28 RUB
  • img
    v2****68 1276.62 RUB
  • img
    v2****12 294.08 RUB
  • img
    Y_****3t 158.48 RUB
  • img
    Y_****3t 715.00 RUB